Q? Much can be written about what a suitable base should be, but there are certain rules that need to be adhered to that will result in your shed performing as you want it to.

Never put a building directly on to the ground alone. Make sure that it has a suitable base fit for purpose. There are four key words that are applicable to all Garden Buildings whether it be a simple 6'x4' Shed or a 20'x12' Workshop, these words are Flat, Firm, Level and Square.

We are able to offer our our customers a 'Base Preparation' Service, we only use approved, local Sub-Contractors to undertake the work, they are familiar with our buildings and we work closely with them in each instance to provide a good solid foundation for your building. They are adept at constructing Concrete, Frame and Slab bases or bases of your choice. Please ask us for further information on this service.

There are numerous ways of making bases and each customer has his/her preferred method. We can discuss bases at the same time as we discuss your shed requirements.